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Stork was challenged to reduce access costs during a condensate storage area based fabric maintenance campaign. The campaign required an innovative scaffolding solution to provide access to the entire external surface of a 1.975 million litre condensate storage tank for surface preparation and painting.


Stork successfully utilised a wedge type scaffolding system to erect a full radial scaffold to the external of the condensate tank in preparation for blasting and spray paint application activities. The system scaffold was erected by Stork’s onsite Scaffolders, eliminating the requirement for third party vendors.


The installation of the scaffolding system produced a number of key benefits. The system provided an approximate reduction of 60% on labour hours for erecting access and significantly reduced the requirement for manual handling. As a result, the workscope was also more cost effective for the client. Stork’s solution resulted in a reduction in the scaffold tonnage required – 55te was reduced to 30te - and the utilisation of system components for fill radius was excellent. The wedge type system is fully compatible with conventional tube and fitting, as its components share the same external diameter. The system’s components are colour coded, to speed the construction process. As it is lighter and easier to assemble, the wedge type scaffolding system is also safer. There are less injuries associated with it during dismantling and handling than other systems.

Project details

Installation:System chosen provided a 60% reduction on labour hours

Date: 2014

Materials​: Wedge Type Scaffolding System

Safety: Project delivered with no lost time incidents