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Paper Mill E boiler 10MWe - P2H – ESKA

Client challenge

P2H recently started an Energy Service Company (ESCo), which develops, implements and finances E-Boiler projects, in order to sell steam to industrial end-users. The business model is based on the fluctuation of energy prices and being able to swiftly change between feedstocks. The first project is at the paper mill location of ESKA BV. P2H has been granted the SDE++ subsidy and asked Stork Thermeq to assist in delivering and installing a Zeta E-boiler.

Stork Solution

Stork provided engineering, fabrication, delivery and site works for a 10MWe E-Boiler on the location of Eska Hoogezand. The E-boiler is integrated into the existing boiler house and the steam cycle of the ESKA paper mill to ensure uninterrupted availability of steam for this 24/7 production facility.

To unburden P2H Stork combined the total effort into one Single Integrated Stork approach. Site activities are executed by a combination of staff from the nearby Solution Center in Groningen and Stork Thermeq specialists, offering the most cost-efficient solution.

Recoy BV is responsible for optimization of the e-boiler, making use of various electricity markets such as the imbalance market, congestion markets or reserve markets. This ensures that as much value as possible is extracted from the flexibility of the e-boiler.

Client Benefits

•Flexibility of feedstock for steam production

•Making use of fluctuating electricity prices; benefitting from low and even  negative electricity prices

•Future-proof steam solution

•Reducing the use of natural gas and the CO2 footprint of paper production

Fast facts:

ClientP2H – located at ESKA  
Name of FacilityESKA
Type of FacilityPaper mill
IndustryPulp & paper  
Site LocationHoogezand-Sappemeer 
EquipmentZeta E-boiler
Equipment size10MW 14 BAR