08 February 2022

SOCAR’s journey to excellent Asset Performance Management

851 days of work came to an end on September 28, 2021 in a ceremony in Aliağa-Turkey where the project completion documents were signed off by Özgür Can Akyüz, SOCAR_Turkey Integrity and Reliability Director, and Roland Dols as Stork Project Manager.

Conformed with ISO55000, the project scope covered several approaches to the Asset Performance Management (APM) both in a greenfield (STAR Refinery) and a brownfield (Petkim Petrochemicals) including consultancy in the followings:

  • Customization of the GE Digital Predix platform;

  • Asset Breakdown Structure;

  • Asset Reliability Management including training and joint execution of Criticality analyses, RCM-FMEA-RAM analyses, Spare Part analyses, Asset Strategy Management, RCA, Bad Actor analyses and Production Loss analyses;

  • Mechanical Integrity Management including training and joint execution of Corrosion analyses, RBI, Inspection Management, Fitness for Services, #Integrity Operating Window and #Thickness Monitoring;

  • Process Safety Management including training and joint execution of HAZOP, LOPA and SIL-SIS;

  • Maintenance Management including training and joint execution of planning & scheduling, maintenance efficiency and maintenance effectiveness;

  • Continuous Improvement including training and design of (K)PIs, closing the loop and Change Management;

  • Turnaround Management, including casting a critical eye on SOCAR Turkey Turnaround procedure and execution.

“We divided each area into three: driven by Stork and observed by SOCAR Turkey, driven by Stork and SOCAR Turkey jointly, and driven by SOCAR Turkey and observed by Stork. We see this way of working as smooth, yet effective in change management. To consolidate, initial training courses in each area were delivered to build the foundations, and Process Guides were developed to summarize required fundamentals. All deliverables were designed based on relevant international standards and Stork’s best practices. We developed dozens of SOCAR #APM Champions who function as trainers and developers along the way ahead. This way guarantees that SOCAR Turkey teams can continue their #APM journey at least to the level Stork laid out, if not beyond.”, says Roland Dols.

Özgür Can Akyüz says: “After working approximately 3 years with Stork to implement Asset Management System at our integrated Refinery and Petrochemical facilities, we are now ready to continue the journey with SOCAR Champions, who have been trained during the project. The solid foundation we have collaboratively created with Stork enables us to follow a structured process, eliminating variances. Even though Asset Management is a long journey, we already started to gain value from the quick-win opportunities identified during the project, and we are confident that by continuously improving the developed strategies, we will sustain reliable and efficient operation.”

The author

Asset Management Consultant

Roland Dols

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