17 Jan 2024

Stork named finalist in 2024 Offshore Achievement Awards

For a second year in a row, Stork in the UK has been shortlisted within this year’s the Offshore Achievement Awards, hosted by SPE International. In 2023, we won the ‘Skills Development Award’ and this year have been named finalists in the ‘Post-Commercial Deployment Technology’ category for our bespoke Ultra High Pressure (UHP) cutting technology begin deployed in an offshore decommissioning environment.

The Offshore Achievement Awards (OAAs) recognise outstanding achievements in the energy industry and offers recognition to the outstanding achievements of those who go above and beyond in the energy sector. 
The 2024 awards will take place on Thursday 14th March 2024 at the P&J Live, Aberdeen.

What is the Post-Commercial Deployment Technology Award?

This category recognises innovative new technology, developed in the UK for the offshore energy sector. The technology is expected to be at an early stage of development (up to and including the pilot installation or trial deployment stage).

This shortlisting demonstrates Stork’s ability to embody the key principles of innovation and safety by understanding the potential in existing technology, and where elements can be repurposed and improved, before redeploying it in a new environment through a novel application. 

During our extensive journey through the ever-changing oil and gas landscape, we have evolved our offering from being a services provider into an industry recognised solutions expert, supplying bespoke engineered solutions, specifically across some of the North Sea’s biggest decommissioning projects.

Stork’s Solution:

Our client identified the need to improve on the process of separating gravity-based structure (GBS) legs from a platform’s topside, when preparing for heavy single lift activities.  With a focus on safety and learning from experience, the operator challenged the industry for an alternative solution to hot work separation. Stork answered and delivered.

It was apparent from the ‘Proof of Concept’ trial that a new UHP tooling system had to be designed and engineered to tackle the unique challenges of the scope and moreover, meet the criteria and expectations set out by both our client and their lifting partner. We truly formed a collaborative partnership with our client, defining clear deliverables and objectives for each cycle, as well as ensuring all lessons learned were incorporated into the next development phase. The final tool design was validated through extensive testing.

Our innovative Ultra High Pressure (UHP) cutting solution, has several benefits compared to its hot works counterpart, oxy fuel cutting, namely:

  • Eliminates hot work within a confined space (removing the build-up of hazardous fumes and spark potential)
  • Eradicates an extensive and expensive preparatory campaign
  • Prioritises operator safety as individuals are away from the line of fire  
  • Significant time savings compared to oxy-fuel cutting, as well as a physical air gap
  • A more cost effective method compared to oxy fuel cutting

In an unnerving working environment such as a GBS leg, Stork’s solution prioritises worker safety and delivers a cost saving alternative for our clients.

Stork's Decommissioning Solutions from Stork on Vimeo.

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