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Top 5 questions on electrification using e-boiler systems
On a recent event hosted by the environmental agency DCMR in the Netherlands, various Project 6-25 partners presented their innovations that increase process efficiencies. We had the pleasure of giving a presentation about our hybrid e-boiler system and its integration into (existing) steam-water cycles. During the presentation we received many question. In this blog we answer the top 5 questions.
Introduction to Heat Treatment

An essential step in welding and manufacturing metal constructions and equipment is the heat treatment process. During heat treatment, the material is heated up and cooled down, using predefined methods to achieve the desired mechanical properties like metallurgical structure, hardness, toughness, strength, etc.

Turbo Machinery: Seven risks on the turbine floor

The process of using steam turbines to generate electrical energy is complex and has many parameters. Maintaining these systems therefore requires (extensive) knowledge and experience; not only to identify and solve failures, but also to recognize distinct details that relate to the way machines interact and influence each other.

Will rising carbon prices curb industrial emissions in Europe?

The industry is vital for the competitive position of Europe in the world, but it emits large quantities of CO2. Refineries, chemical and steel companies are concentrated mainly in industrial clusters. Still, there are also many smaller companies like papermills and the food and beverage industry that need to reduce emissions too.