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Paving the path towards energy transition

For decades, Stork has provided asset lifecycle solutions for different industries and has been the driving force of many technological revolutions and supported the energy transitions of the last century.

Sustainable efficiency upgrade of a pumping station

The Krimpenerwaard pumping station, in Lekdijk between Bergambacht and Lekkerkerk in the Netherlands, received a major upgrade in 2020. Stork converted the pumping station and installed an in-house developed BVOP VVT pump turbine. This turbine allows fish to swim through it safely and also generates power.


Challenges of converting existing plants to hydrogen
In theory, the combustion of hydrogen only releases heat and water, and not CO2 as is the case with the combustion of fossil fuels. This is the main reason why more and more companies are showing increased interest in switching to this “clean” fuel. 
Kick-start your turnaround with HoTT-analyses

Good preparation of a turnaround is at least half the work when it comes to efficiency. But it seems that in practice, many hours are still lost to waiting, consultations, awkwardly arranged logistical processes or even missing or incorrect tools.

Industry can kick-start the hydrogen economy

A radical transformation is needed in the way energy is produced and used to fulfil societal needs. Clean renewables will gradually replace fossil fuels. Continuing to work on gradual, incremental changes will not be enough to tackle climate change. We have to look for exponential growth of solutions with the greatest future decarbonisation potential.