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Stork and AspenTech: Busting APM Myths for Customers

AspenTech and Stork continue to strengthen our partnership to help customers accelerate their digital transformation journeys. The partnership is reinforced by the latest advances in AI and machine learning, and married with decades of domain expertise.

APM and AI Myth Busting and the Critical Role of New Technologies

We hope you enjoy reading this blog written by Steve Hillock, Global Director of Asset Management Technology at Stork, a valued AspenTech partner. In this blog, the first in a two-part series, Steve discusses the important role of APM technologies and debunks three myths about digital transformation and AI

Key issues in (Physical) Asset Management

Managing physical assets is about dealing with risks over the lifecycle of assets. However Asset Management is often misunderstood: not realizing that it is also a way of thinking that involves the organization and business as a whole.

The metamorphosis of a maintenance department

"I really regret that I could not work in such a workshop much earlier." One of the E&I technicians at the Vynova location in Beek (NL) is speaking. He recently reorganized the workshop according to the 5S method, together with the colleagues in his team. He is proud that this is the reference now for other colleagues, who each approach their workplace in the same way.