7 & 8  December 2023

Full day program
Stork at 13.30h

Antwerp - België

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European Industry & Energy Summit

Join us at the Industry and Energy Summit 2023 (EIES23) in Antwerp on December 7th and 8th, where top decision-makers and experts come together to tackle the complex challenges of the industrial transformation to zero emissions.

Embrace the opportunity to delve into the intricacies of this monumental puzzle. EIES23 provides a platform to explore the diverse pieces that make up the solution. Discover the power of connecting industrial clusters, unlocking the potential of green and blue hydrogen, harnessing circular and bio-based resources, venturing into green ammonia, exploring carbon storage and utilization, embracing renewable energy generation, electrification, biotech advancements, the role of AI, and much more.

Stork Exposure event

At the first day of the event Stork will host an Exposure event at 13.30h. Our experts Jan Schipper and Martijn Hinderdael will discuss solutions for industrial decarbonization and energy transition, like e-boiler solutions, multi-fuel hydrogen burners, steam accumulators waste valorozation etc. , all under the overarching theme "Towards a sustainable industry".  We will not present long-term vistas but field proven concrete solutions.

Your speakers

Martijn Hinderdael - Stork Thermeq