05 October 2020

Stork expands in the UK, New Office Open in Grimsby

The North East & East of England in the UK represents a diverse range of onshore and offshore industries and presents opportunities for Stork to continue to be a market leading services provider. There is heavy local investment being made in the region in varying industries and despite recent economic downturns across the whole of the UK, the region remains to be a high potential growth area.

To strengthen Stork’s position in the North East & East of England and to support existing regional contracts, we have made a substantial investment and have recently moved into a new regional facility in North Lincolnshire, which along with our existing and growing presence in Teesside, leaves us primly positioned to service the whole of the North East & East of England.

The new Stork facility is situated on the Europa Park in Grimsby with easy access to the UK motorway network.  The expansive premises consists of the following:

  • Major industrial unit
  • Warehouse and workshops
  • Expansive Yard storage and laydown area
  • 2 Storey stores and office block facilities

The new Grimsby facility will allow Stork to efficiently deliver our fully integrated support services to our regional clients and customers, old and new, providing a base for Stork and our heat treatment business unit, Cooperheat, to provide the following services locally:

The opening of the new facility has already created new jobs in the local area and with the expected expansion and growth of our business in the region, we will be looking at creating additional jobs; bringing a diverse range of personnel with a varied range of skills and expertise.

It is exciting times for Stork in the region. Along with maintenance services, shutdowns/turnarounds and day to day operations, there are a large number of new projects planned over the next few years and using our new facility, as well as our existing presence in the region, we are firmly positioned for the future.