12 January 2021

Stork UK secures contract with Neptune Energy

Stork UK was awarded a three-year contract to deliver fabric maintenance and scaffolding services by Neptune for operated gas production platform Cygnus, located in the UK Southern North Sea. Cygnus is a crucial component of the UK North Sea energy infrastructure, capable of producing approximately 6% of UK domestic gas demand.

Cygnus alpha platform of Neptune Energy.

Stork’s Regional Director in the UK, Steve Hunt, said: “We are delighted to have secured this key Industrial Services contract with Neptune Energy and look forward to further growing our relationship and working closely with our valued client and partner."

"We are committed to supporting Neptune and confident we will continue to deliver the highest quality and standards of work, whilst maximising on efficiencies in support of daily operations. It has been a challenging year for the industry and our global communities; to be awarded this contract demonstrates our place in the supply chain, as well as a true reflection of Stork’s dedication to being a trusted service partner to Neptune.”

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