Digital transformation & smart tooling



60 minutes


Martijn Glass | Global Innovations Director

Digital transformation and smart tooling

Digital transformation, it is not the question if it will happen, but how we embrace it. This webinar is part of the annual ‘Trends in Asset Management’ conference by Stork AMT. This edition is all about inspiring each other by sharing concepts, technologies, cases and examples on Digital Transformation in Asset Management.

With COVID-19 inhibiting travel, creativity has started to blossom with regard to remote collaboration. One of the most visible changes is the usage of Teams, ZOOM or Webex in the ‘office’ environment. But how are things going in the field? Innovation catalyst Martijn Glass will guide us through 12 interesting use cases with respect to remote collaboration in the field. Some might already be ‘business as usual’ for some, but others might stretch your mind on new ways of working in the field.

With 12 interesting use cases regarding remote collaboration, you will be inspired to use digital tools for new and safer ways of working in the field.

Our presenter

Global Innovations Director

Martijn Glass

Martijn has over 25 years of experience spanning the complete life cycle of industrial assets. Starting as a process engineer with Fluor, he worked on master planning studies, feasibility studies, (front end) engineering, and construction. In the past five years, he has been working for Stork, focused on pushing the boundaries with O&M, turnarounds & modifications, and decommissioning.

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