Digital transformation & static equipment



60 minutes


Denise Kinghorn | Monitoring Solutions Manager
Wim Kluiter 

Digital transformation and static equipment

Digital transformation, it is not the question if it will happen, but how we embrace it. This webinar is part of the annual ‘Trends in Asset Management’ conference by Stork AMT. This edition is all about inspiring each other by sharing concepts, technologies, cases and examples on Digital Transformation in Asset Management.

Digitization is often related to rotating and motional equipment but offers great value in static equipment as well. Wim Kluiter discusses and demonstrates the possibilities and benefits of 3D scanning. Denise Kinghorn presents “PlantSENS® – Sensing the Future” and effective ways to monitor plants for Smart Asset integrity.

Learn about the possibilities and benefits of 3D scanning and monitoring plants for Smart Asset integrity, both digital applications on static equipment.

Our presenters

Monitoring Solutions Manager

Denise Kinghorn

Before joining Stork 13 years ago, Denise Kinghorn worked for various engineering firms. She has a background in electronics, field engineering and commissioning. Denise now works as Monitoring Solutions Project Manager in Aberdeen, Scotland. She is one of the driving forces of the development of PlantSens: an independent monitoring platform that provides a holistic view of asset integrity. 

Wim Kluiter

Wim Kluiter is already associated with Stork for 20 years. He acted as a chief office engineer and as an account manager. Currently, he is project lead or asset delivery manager in Delfzijl, in the North of the Netherlands. Wim is particularly involved in innovations: he introduced rope access to several clients and is a pioneer in using 3D modeling for small and medium (modification) projects.. 

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