Smart idling of operating facilities



30 minutes


Bart Desmet | Principal Consultant
Menno van den Berg | Senior Consultant

Smart idling of operating facilities

Disruptive circumstances, such as what we are experiencing today, can lead to facilities that need to be shut down temporarily. How this idle time is handled, and the preservation efforts during the closure can have a big impact on starting up again in the future.
In this webinar, we outline a systematic approach to determine what you need to do to temporarily shut down a facility with minimal cost and risk. We examine the critical factors in order to quickly put your facility back into operation. It is precisely these critical factors that require the appropriate measures when idling, thereby extending the scope beyond the purely technical aspects, such as the necessary manpower and competences, the knowledge about the facility, and the environmental aspects. Please join us to learn more about Stork’s approach during this free online webinar.

Our presenters

Principal Consultant

Bart Desmet

Bart Desmet worked as a maintenance and engineering manager in the industry for over 20 years. He gained experience in automation, ICT, occupational safety, and operational excellence. Since 2007, he has worked as a principal consultant at Stork AMT and has carried out assignments in various sectors. He has assisted clients in improving their business processes, organizational structures, and support systems within the context of asset management, fulfilling the roles of project leader, expert, and change manager.

Senior Consultant

Menno van den Berg

Menno van den Berg has been working in the industry as a technical consultant, project manager, and maintenance for over 30 years. He has been working with Stork since 2007 in different projects for all sorts of customers in chemicals, oil & gas, rolling stock, and basic industry. His main role in projects is to improve the customers’ organization and performance in maintenance.

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