Journey to mechanical integrity systems

Journey to mechanical integity systems

Journey to mechanical integrity systems

A properly implemented Mechanical Integrity System is a key pillar of Asset Performance Management (APM) that can improve process safety and productivity through an optimized usage of assets. Implementing and keeping the system updated requires extra time and resources, especially during the baseline stage. In order to obtain the expected short and long term benefits, it is essential to perform this properly. The following article describes Stork’s best practice to guide professionals involved in Mechanical Integrity Systems through a successful implementation.

In this whitepaper we discuss the following topics:

1. Introduction
2. About the process
  2.1 Planning the assessment
  2.2 Data collection
  2.3 Risk assessment
  2.4 Define mitigation actions
  2.5 Tasks execution and continuous improvement
3. Process guides
4. Software
5. Trainings
6. Short and long term benefits
7. Conclusions
8. References

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