Hydrogen Production

Hydrogen Production

Hydrogen production

There are many technologies to produce hydrogen, each having their pros and cons. Considering the anticipated surge in demand, varying regulations and differences in local feedstock availability, all ‘colors’ of hydrogen production will most probably be needed to achieve the volumes that are required.

Stork’s full suite of services can be applied to all these facilities (grey, blue, pink, turquoise, green, …), from equipment, mechanical & piping, electrical & instrumentation, inspection and industrial services. With that said, we have a special focus on novel (greener than) green hydrogen production processes, including:

1.       W2H2 (Waste to Hydrogen) using the Solena plasmification technology of gasification. After years of testing, we believe this ‘hydrogen-in-a-big-box’ green technology is ready for prime time. Together with Fluor, we are involved in the first industrial applications in California at this very moment, providing operations and maintenance (O&M) input into the design and we are ready to maintain the facility for the next 20 years.

2.       HTEP (High Temperature Electrolysis Process) using Utility Global technology. Stork will deliver the reactor from our/the Stork DFW workshop 1st week October 2021 and move to assembly and production testing of the Pilot Plant Q4 2021. We look forward to helping commercialize this ‘hydrogen-in-a-small-box’ green solution soon.

Apart from providing cost effective O&M services, we are also involved in the development, design input, fabrication and construction of these two different green hydrogen production technologies.

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