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Your Challenge

Your challenge is integrating advanced deaerating concepts in state-of-the-art power plant engineering. The Stork Spray-type deaerator is a single-vessel patented design with a world wide installed base of more than 5.000 deaerators. Applying the Stork-deaerator in power plant design caters to three basic customer needs: reducing capital investment, providing the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCoO), delivering excellent performance combined with high reliability. The robust design allows for lifetimes in excess of 25 years and as high as a staggering 80 years. 

Read more about developments in deaerator applications (source: editorial contribution in VGB PowerTech)

Your partner

Stork Thermeq’s specialists in water/steam systems and deaerating technology assist in analysis of process data and design. For customer service the Deaerator Design Tool is available to allow you to design your own Stork deaerator online. As former boiler manufacturer, (Stork Ketels = Stork Boilers), Stork Thermeq is able to integrate deaerating concepts in complicated water/steam cycles. Moreover, the wealth of Stork experience in deaerator retrofits enables Stork Thermeq to provide improvements in plant availability for the future. Stork-technicians have even shown their retrofitting capabilities in converting non-Stork brand deaerating designs into Stork Spray type deaerators.

Your benefits

  • Compact design with just a single vessel
  • Operating the Stork-deaerator which provides threefold functionality (deaeration, pre-heating, storage)
  • Cooperation with Stork as full service provider in deaerating technology
  • Stork’s own workshop (appr. 16.000 sqm) for manufacturing – plus the capacity of manufacturing partners world wide
  • Applicable in a wide range of power plants: conventional, CCPP, CHP, CSP, nuclear and FPSO’s
  • Financial: reduced capital investment and the lowest TCoO (Total Cost of Ownership)
  • Operational: reliability and availability
  • Convenience: single point of contact for your project

Scope of activities:

  • Customer oriented deaerator design
  • Customer support during FEED
  • Software tool for Deaerator Designer tool
  • Continuous R&D-program, e.g. focusing on steam accumulators
  • Manufacturing
  • Commissioning
  • Retrofits (of Stork branded as well as non Stork-branded deaerators)

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