Complete Caisson Management: Specialist Inspection

Specialist Caisson Inspection

Industry Experts | State-of-the-Art Technology | Proven Track Record

Stork’s Specialist Inspection Services are an established and technology driven team with a history of safe, efficient and innovative inspection solutions. With over 20 years industry experience, Stork provides clients with accurate, clear and valuable data on caisson and riser inspections, non-destructive testing, advanced inspection and innovations such as internal laser profiling.

Through Stork’s in-house Specialist Inspection division we deliver:

  • An initial camera inspection.
  • High pressure cleaning.
  • Additional camera survey.
  • Ultrasonic testing measurements.
  • Full report with video footage is also supplied to client.

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Innovative Inspection Technologies

All of Stork’s Specialist Inspection tooling has been designed with maximising efficiencies for our clients at the forefront of our minds. Our newly developed Caisson Inspection Tool boasts the following benefits:

  • Motorised centralising: With the centralising being motorised, this allows for better deployment past restrictions found within some caissons (liners for example). Being electrical rather than hydraulic also reduces the manual handling requirements, as well as negating the need for more umbilicals having to be deployed. This compared to being hydraulically powered, allows the operator total control of the tool from the offshore laptop.
  • Scan length: The new tool can scan 500mm in axial length, reducing scanning time; as it covers twice the length of previous versions.
  • Twin probes: Stork’s system is comprised of two UT (Ultrasonic Testing) probes. This lessens the scanning required to half the rotational amount, improving scan time efficiency, while still retaining total coverage of the item being inspected. The probes have a 180° offset therefore only a 180° sweep is required to capture the full 360° of wall thickness data.
  • Backwards scanning: Stork’s state-of-the-art equipment also scans backwards. This makes it more efficient to negate the time taken to retract the axial per scan, rather than having to wait for it to retract after finishing every scan; again improving scan time efficiency.
  • Motorised probe arms: The motorised probe arm enables modifications of the ID ranges, meaning the tool is capable of scanning whilst in-situ. This eliminates the requirement to recover the tool to make adjustments; again reducing setup time and increasing efficiencies on the job, whilst ensuring both probes have the same stand-off distance as each other, from the internal surface of the inspection item.

How we add value

Single contact

Single focal point who manages all aspects of process, reducing the need for multiple contractors ensuring greater accountability and responsibility.

Continuity of service

Single provider supporting all aspects of caisson management, creating greater familiarity of client assets and processes throughout the delivery team.

Innovation commitment

Using the latest technology innovations to enhance caisson inspection data to allow for more informed decisions on remedial actions.

HSEQ excellence

Strong HSEQ culture implemented throughout the process, ensuring safe working practices and working to the highest standards

Multi-disciplined approach

Multi-disciplined enactment teams from a single contractor ensuring Personal on Board (POB) is reduced where possible.

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