Custom-built sand pump gearbox for trailing suction hopper dredger 

Custom-Built Gearbox in trailing suction hopper dredger

Stork Gears & Services received an order for the development of a special gearbox for a new type of trailing suction hopper dredger.

The order was for 3 gearboxes with the option of ordering a further 2. It soon became clear that a high level of requirements and functionality was set, and that only a special custom-built gearbox could provide a solution.

Scope of work

custom built gearbox for dredger

Stork Gears & Services has made an important contribution to this very innovative trailing suction hopper dredger by constructing a sand-pump gearbox that exactly matches the performance of the dredger pump. The gearbox, driven by two diesel engines, makes it possible for the dredger pump to run both at low RPMs for suction and at high RPMs for ship-to-shore pumping. This can be done using either 1 or 2 engines, and the unique mirrored construction makes it possible for the suction and pumping to be divided evenly between the two engines, which guarantees an optimal lifespan for the drive system. The gearbox can also be connected to hydraulic motors or pumps for auxiliary power. 

We wish the ship and its crew safe voyages!

Really custom made, no compromises!

Our customer was in need of a special gearbox for a completely new to built trailing suction hopper. Stork was able to build a custom specific gearbox that fitted seamlessly into the design of the dredger vessel with no compromises to the original design of the installation. Our customer appreciated our customer centered service, extensive experience and technical knowhow in order to deliver a high quality unique gearbox solution for a complex challenging project!

Location: Netherlands
Market Segment: Dredging
Equipment: Trailing suction hopper dredger


New custom built gearbox for dredging vessel

3d design custom built dredger gearbox finished custom built gearbox for dredger
   Gearbox design and calculation

custom built gearbox housing Parts assembly custom built gearbox
   Gearbox components

testrun custom made dredger gearbox
   Custom made gearbox - testrun

custom made gearbox ready for transport custom built gearbox installed in pump room
   Custom made gearbox ready for transport

Dredging Vessel in dock to install custom built gearboxes

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