Fabrication/construction of modular access platform



Major Trinidad & Tobago operator




Upstream oil & gas

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The Client was utilizing an extensive scaffolding structure to provide access to and from a drilling rig, and requested a replacement access method that reduced risk, cost and time.


Stork fabricated a modular access platform and installed this within two days, compared with the traditional eleven days when carried out with scaffolding.


Significant cost-saving
This approach saved the Client an estimated USD$2.88m in rig standby cost, provided future cost-saving of USD$2.88m per NUI (Normally Unmanned Installation) and saved on logistics costs with reduced flights and standby vessel requirements.

Reduced risk
This job provided remarkable safety benefits as it reduced the risk of having the scaffolders working over the side. There were also no scaffold connections creating a lower probability of joint failure.

Safety excellence
The positive safety culture was evident throughout this project as it was completed with no LTIs or injuries.

“My expectations were exceeded and truly impressed with their commitment to safety excellence, cooperation and productivity truly reflecting one team and operating discipline each time and every time.”
Client TAR Leader

Project details

Project: Rig readiness

Location: Trinidad & Tobago

Services: Mechanical (drilling), fabrication and rigging

Date:  2015