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Stork was contacted by an Oil Terminal Mechanical Engineer with regard to the bolting on five 2” class 150 flanges. These flanges were on the flare gas system and were suffering from moderate corrosion due to the surrounding marine environmental conditions. Due to the position of the flanges on the flare gas system, they could not be reworked using conventional techniques which require the system to be fully isolated, depressurized and purged.


Stork have the capability to deliver the work on live environments, using our patented and multi-award winning Hot Bolt Clamp system. The Hot Bolt Clamp was swiftly deployed to site and due to early discussions with the client, Stork were able to liaise with the site personnel and relevant technical paperwork was completed in advance. Stork specialist technicians and equipment arrived on site, carried out the initial inspection and completed permit to work and safety briefings. Using the patented technology, the bolting was quickly and safely replaced to fully restore bolt mechanical integrity on the flare gas system.


By using Stork’s Hot Bolt Clamp technology, full bolt mechanical integrity was restored quickly and safely without interruption to the process. Quality communication and meticulous planning ensured that the project was delivered with no time lost incidents and within the timescale.

“I was very impressed with the team mobilized and the kit was also impressive. Overall a very good job well executed.” Mechanical Engineer

Project details

When: July 2014.

Challenge: Isolation, depressurisation and purging of system not possible.

Timescale: The work was carried out in over 2 days, on time and on budget.

Safety: Project delivered safely with no lost time incidents (LTIs).