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Stork was contracted by the operator of a large onshore gas terminal, to deliver a number of 12” Hot Tap which were tie in points for future planned site developments. Stork was awarded the project due to their integrated approach and ability to undertake the full workscope, this included the initial welding of the weld-o-lets, undertaking the pressure / NDT testing and subsequent hot tap penetration on the high temperature, high pressure system which was to remain in service throughout the project.


From the initial Client Hot Tapping Questionnaire completion and subsequent site survey, a bespoke procedure was developed and approved by the client, to accommodate the system medium (approx. 60% water and 40% glycol at 60⁰C) and also to accommodate the various access restrictions at the locations. With the under pressure Tapping machine suitably modified to suit site requirements, the team of Stork technicians successfully completed all tapping operations, retaining all pipe coupons and with no disruption to the ongoing production or the plant.


  • Stork was a one stop provider of all services delivered
  • Bespoke comprehensive client workpack detailing all scopes undertaken
  • Accurate phasing of aligned workscopes, which in turn minimised equipment / personnel on-site and reduced costs
  • No disruption to on-going production during project execution
  • Works completed 24hours ahead of schedule