Refrigeration Maintenance & FGas Inspections

Project Information


2006 - ongoing


UK, Azerbaijan and Georgia


No loss of time incidents (LTIs)

Scope of Work

Stork were approached by three global clients to maintain hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) refrigeration systems in alignment with the FGas Regulations 2019, across multiple assets and sites.  

Stork's Approach

Throughout the last 20 years, since the introduction of the FGas Regulations, there has been significant changes within the refrigeration industry. From the requirement of individuals and companies to hold FGas handling certificates, to monitoring and reporting of FGas losses to atmosphere.

During this time, Stork put in place a number of innovative solutions to improve work standards, some of which include:

  • The introduction of the Zoomlock™
  • pipework jointing tool, which significantly reduces the fire risk when installing copper pipework
  • Implementing adhoc campaign maintenance teams in place of rotational core crews
  • Assessing and implementing drop-in refrigerant replacements to keep existing systems working, whilst removing high Global Warming Potential (GWP) refrigerants from circulation
  • Specialist dehydration units for the removal of moisture from highly contaminated systems
  • Training and competency for refrigeration personnel (nationalisation programme in Azerbaijan & Georgia)    

Results & Benefits

  • The Zoomlock™ pipework jointing tool was rolled out to all three clients. The use of the tool’s (or equivalents) fittings is now standard practice for one of the clients global sites
  • Across every contract, all mandatory maintenance and inspections were completed in line with the agreed schedule. This enabled Stork to provide a high level of productivity across all sites, maximising the availability of the client refrigeration systems