Manufacturing of five gearboxes for power plant








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Stork Gears & Services is an official OEM for this gearbox make. Our extensive Rademakers knowhow and hands-on experience enables us to offer our customers excellent service and the fastest repair times for the most demanding power generation applications.

Our customer wanted to replace their existing Rademakers gearboxes with an identical footprint but with a significantly increased power rating. As there is a shortage of power in South Africa, our customer requested that the gearboxes will be delivered as soon as possible. We designed and constructed the five new gearboxes within the requested timeline, the first gearbox has been delivered within six weeks after order. We also provided on site supervision and commissioning.  


  • Supply of 5 modified gearboxes
  • On site Supervision and Commissioning
  • Vibration analysis
  • Gearbox alignment
  • Check tooth runout
  • Gear tooth contact pattern check & backlash
  • No load test run
  • Inspection after testrun
  • Vibration measurement and noise level test

The whole project was carried out under stringent client quality control guidelines. As an approved supplier we were able to combine high quality with unparalleled speed. Our customer appreciated our professional and fast approach. We successfully completed the whole project within 8 weeks.

Fast facts

Location: South Africa
Power Plant
Market Segment: Power Industry
Total completion time: 8 weeks
Gearbox details: Rademakers Rastar 250/275l
n1=6000 i=2.6
Gearbox manufacturing
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We strive to keep our knowledge as an OEM at the highest level by the
development of new gearboxes, made with the newest technologies. The
engineers of our Engineering Department supervise the repairs, design
modifications and develop complete "custom-built" gearboxes.