Custom-Built Gearboxes

Custom-Built Gearboxes

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Custom-built gearboxes for maritime & industrial applications

Leading edge knowledge and capabilities for high quality – custom made gearboxes.

When you are in need of a special gearbox for your installation or vessel, a custom built gearbox is sometimes the only option if you do not want to change the design of your application. Stork is able to build a custom gearbox that fits seamlessly into your design with no adjustments. With over 50 years of experience in manufacturing, we build gearboxes fully designed for your specific needs. Our highly qualified engineers ensure that the latest research and developments are used in the design. The technical skills of our engineering department combined with the most innovative tools and equipment results in high quality custom made gearboxes.

3 reasons to choose Stork for your gearbox challenge:

1. Really Custom made,
no compromises

Stork is able to build a custom
specific gearbox that fits seamlessly
into your design with no adjustments.
Completely customized to your individual needs.

2. Over 50 years
of Experience

We combine over 50 years of experience with innovative manufacturing facilities and
an extensive inventory to deliver
fast and impeccable service.


Our service-oriented mindset
allows us to design and manufacture
a custom made gearbox much faster than other gearbox manufacturers/ OEM's. 

Gearbox design and calculation

Our Engineering department calculates and engineers all the required components for new construction, modifications or overhauls. A list is given below of which calculations and accompanying software are used:custom-built gearbox

Gear and Axle calculations

We use the latest Kisssoft software, combined with in-house written applications, to design our gearboxes according to the specifications of well-known institutes such as ISO, DIN, API, Neratrans and AGMA. We can comply to the rules of all classification agencies such as Germanische Lloyd, DNV, BV, ABS and many others. 

Bearing calculations

We calculate bearings according to the latest industry and manufacturer standards. High-end solutions for bearing stiffness, deflection, clearances and optimum performance are choosen for any bearing system, either roller or plain design.

Design and Manufacturing software packages

2D and 3D solid modeling software is used to design all parts. For example, calculations of stresses, displacements and own frequencies in complex strain situations are carried out according to the finite elements method.

Reliable consultants 

We don't work for our customers – we work with them. We communicate consistently and answer questions. Our recommendations are made by people who are fully committed to the reliability of your installations. Our client-oriented corporate culture enables us to act as a trusted consultant that offers you a fresh external perspective, while taking away your worries regarding consistent, profitable production. Each employee is well-trained and has extensive experience in optimizing industrial installations without ever losing sight of the client's requirements.

New gearbox within 3 months

In most cases all we need for a new gearbox is the desired reduction, axle center-to-center distances and the power rating. Within a short time our engineers diskuss the design and accompanying calculations with the customer. After receiving the order the production drawings are made after which the gearbox parts are produced.custom-built gearbox

Our focus on customer service enables us to design, produce and deliver a complete, high-quality gearbox with unequaled speed.

OEM of Brevo, Conrad, Kuypers, Rademakers

The takeovers we have made in the past have given us complete drawing packages of Brevo, Conrad, Kuypers and Rademakers. This enables us to supply the spare parts of the above makes in accordance with the original measurements and types of material.

Examples of new gearboxes:

  • Pivoting gearbox for sand pump drives
  • Variable sand speed drives
  • Hydraulic clutch boxes
  • Sand pump drives
  • Reverse reduction gearboxes
  • Propulsion gearboxes

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