Modification of propulsion gearboxes for RoRo Vessel






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Recently stork gears & services was asked to investigate the possibilities for modifying the propulsion gearboxes onboard the mv "hansaland".  Our engineers arrived on scene within a day for an inspection and advise. The existing main engine was to be replaced with another engine with different specifications. The new engine had a higher output speed, but the propeller speed should be kept equal. Therefore there was a need to modify the gear ratio of the two gearboxes of the roro vessel. The project involved a complete modification of the starboard and portside gearboxes while re-using as many parts as possible. For our customer, modification of the gearbox was a better option than building a complete new gearbox with respect to overall costs and delivery time. 


The gearbox modification involved changing the gear ratio. Because of this change, renewal of the input gear and output gearwheel was necessary. The shaft had to be grinded and the new coupling was adjusted to the new dimensions of the input shaft. In order to make the replacement of the main engine possible, some gearbox parts needed to be renewed. We offered complete services, from engineering and test run to renewal of e.g. bearings, gearwheel, pinion shaft, oil pump and friction clutch parts.


• Dismantling, cleaning and inspection of the portside and starboard gearbox

• Renewal of the input gear

• Grinding of the input shaft

• Renewal of the oil pump

• Output shaft assembly

• Refurbishment of the axial bearing pads

• Renewal of the output gearwheel

• Renewal of friction clutch parts

Project details

Location: Wilhelmshaven, Germany, Wilhelmshaven is the third largest German port with mainly oil products being loaded and unloaded.

Market segment: Marine, RoRo vessels

Gearbox details: Ulstein propulsion gearboxes