Replacing corroded bolts on flare system using Hot Bolt Clamp



 BP Skarv FPSO




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Stork was contracted by BP Skarv FPSO to address issues regarding 1.5” class 300 flanges on a flare system.


Recognizing the clients’ needs, Stork mobilized Stork’s Hot Bolt Clamp and fully trained personnel within 24 hours, allowing for full integrity to be restored through the on-line replacement of existing bolts without a break of containment or loss of production. Utilizing Stork’s patented technology, the operator avoided costly shutdown expenditure. Further flanges with similar issues were identified by Stork personnel; however, due to the varying sizes, a second Stork Hot Bolt Clamp operative was mobilized along with additional clamps to suit the extended workscopes.


Utilizing Stork’s Hot Bolt Clamp and implementing fittings of the correct grade, full mechanical integrity was restored to the asset without the need to shut down the system and purge it. Quality communication and meticulous planning ensured that the project was delivered with no time lost incidents and within the tight work schedule during hazardous weather conditions.

"Stork completed their hot-bolting work safely and documented the work thoroughly. As the scope of work grew, they were very flexible and provided additional people and tooling quickly. The use of hot-bolting eliminated the need to gas-free the flare header and hence saved a lot of time and production. Overall, we were happy with the service provided and would use the company again.”
Tomas Flanaghan, Skarv TAR Lead, BP Norway

Project details

Site Location: BP Skarv FPSO - North Sea, Norwegian Sector

Resources:  Hot Bolt Clamp

Chellenge: Time critical nature of the project resulted in the fast, efficient mobilization of resources and working in extreme weather conditions.

Safety: Project delivered with no lost time incidents.

Workscope completion: The workscope was completed on time and on budget

Date:  2013