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The client’s new refinery could not be commissioned until a pressure loss issue in the gas supply line to the flare pilot flame was resolved.

Using traditional access methods - such as scaffolding – to find and remedy the cause of the pressure loss, would have taken up to six weeks, resulting in a delay of the start-up date that had been agreed with the government.


Stork mobilised a multi-disciplined rope access team and quickly identified and remedied the issue through an inspection and testing program while suspended at height.

“This is a totally new technique and a process which we think has many advantages. I think this was the most economical option, it can be used safely and brings benefits. On behalf of Reficar I would like to say that we were very satisfied.” Asdrúbal Rodríguez, Head supervisor, raw materials & products, Ecopetrol.


• The use of rope access reduced the project timeline from up to six weeks to 10 days, allowing the plant to start-up by the agreed date.

• The use of rope access greatly increased safety as it limited the amount of exposed personnel on-site and reduced the potential for dropped object hazards.

• The work scope was completed on time, within budget with no safety or environmental incidents

“The advantages (of using Stork Masa rope access) was the speed with which the work was done; the professionalism in managing the risks involved; and the effectiveness of the work as the desired result was really achieved. It was a positive experience with which we were quite satisfied.” Alfonso Núñez, Director of preparation and implementation, Ecopetrol.

Project details

Project: Rope access inspection and repair of leaks in flanges and threaded fittings

Location:  Cartagena, Colombia

Services: Special maintenance services

Date:  2015