Operations & maintenance - thermal power plants - Ecopetrol


We guarantee the availability, reliability and efficiency of ecopetrol’s termocoa and termosuria thermal power plants, with the aim of optimising energy generation for the petroleum projects located in meca, the epicentre of the oil and gas production in colombia.

How do we achieve this?

We have a team of professionals and technicians with expertise in managing turbines that are responsible for the operation and maintenance of the three machines located at the electricity generation plants:

Termocoa: LM 6000 turbine with a capacity of 40 MW fuelled by Liquid Petroleum Gas.

Termosuria: operating with two LM 6000 turbines with a capacity of 40 MW and 25 MW, respectively, fuelled by LPG. For 2016, it is planned to upgrade this plant with an LM 2500 unit, with a capacity of 25 MW

We have continuously updated the units to reinforce Ecopetrol’s energy system in Meta and this has delivered reductions in cost and improvements in efficiency gains.

Client requirements

Ecopetrol needed a strategic partner to operate, maintain and improve two of its most important energy generation plants - Termocoa and Termosuria – with a focus on best use of resources and energy efficiency to improve competitiveness and sustainability. The company also needed to guarantee the reliability and availability of the energy supply for the operation of its fields in the centraleastern region of Colombia.


Since 2006, Stork’s Operations and Maintenance business unit has been responsible for guaranteeing the availability, reliability and efficiency of the supply of energy, fuelled by LPG, for the petroleum fields located in Meta. This has resulted in significant benefits such as uninterrupted power 24/7, a reduction in unscheduled stoppages at the production plants, the minimisation of associated costs, the optimisation of resources and an increase in efficiencies.


The turbines have been updated to increase the installed capacity at Termocoa and Termosuria throughout the execution of the contract. It is planned to continue reinforcing the availability and efficiency of these two important electricity generation plants with the aim of being able to continue optimising the process of producing energy using LPG, reducing costs and making significant savings which will translate into greater utilities and cleaner operations.