Shaft modification and bearing design for gasturbine








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Low oil pressure switched off the gasturbine of the power plant. This gasturbine was used primarily for emergency and black start cases. Customers' visual inspections of the oil pumps, oil analysis and vibration measurements did not explain the loss of oil pressure. But after further inspection, it turned out the coupling between the lubricating oil pump and the gearbox shaft was broken. The shafts and bearings were damaged.
The project involved the modification of the shafts and manufacturing of new bearings. 

The scope of work also consisted of an evaluation of the existing bearings design. The Westinghouse gasturbine was originally designed for continuous operation without start and stop cycles. But in practice it turned out the turbine often started and stopped. The original bearing type was no longer suitable for these start and stop cycles. In response to these requirements Stork Gears & Services developed a new bearings concept, in a way that it is better suited to accommodate the stresses resulting from the application.


  • Manufacturing of new bearings
  • Modification of the shafts
  • Development of a new bearings concept more suitable for start/stop cycles


  • Our fast respons time
  • Our inhouse production facilities
  • Our expertise in bearing and shaft technology

Fast facts

Customer Energy Services company – Mol, Belgium
Market segment     Power generation
Application 1 Westinghouse Gasturbine with black start capability
Shafts of 3 and 5 tonn weight