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The indispensable link in the sustainable energy transition

E-boilers systems are an indispensable link in the pursuit of a sustainable energy market. Stork offers a full suite of solutions to help you reduce energy usage and CO2 emissions. The Stork Patented hybrid system goes even beyond and combines the best of both worlds (E-power & traditional fuel) and allows our customers to benefit from the lowest energy costs.

Smooth Power2Heat with Zeta Boiler

A smooth energy transition sets new requirements for steam and hot water boiler plants and energy consumers. E-boilers convert electrical power into steam or hot water, reducing the use of fossil energies and reducing CO2 emissions of the asset and enabling flexible solutions for the electrification of heat production.

Stork is your partner in the UK, Netherlands and Belgium for the implementation of Zeta E-boilers.  Zeta is a world leader with an installed base of more than 1000 E-boilers, the World's largest E-Boiler (67MW) and the World's largest E-Boiler Plant (150MW).  Multiple references in the Power Industry, Nuclear Power Plants, District Heating, Paper, Food and Chemical Industry endorse this leading position.

Electrode Steam Boilers

Power :                       2 – 70MW
Pressure :                  10 – 65 bar
Steam output :        Max. 110 t/h

Hot Water Boilers

Power :                      5 – 45MW
Pressure :                  6 – 16 bar
Temperature:          Max. 180 ⁰C

Hybrid Solutions

For large-scale heat or steam consumers, Stork developed a patented unique hybrid boiler concept that accommodates the flexible operation of E-boilers and reduces operational costs (OPEX). Our hybrid boiler systems use both traditional fuels and electricity as energy sources for heat generation. They can instantaneously switch over from one source to the other or combine sources in case of superheated steam generation.
This hybrid demand-response technique makes use of the volatility in large-scale electricity production. When, as a result, electricity prices decline, the hybrid boiler will instantly switch from traditional to electrical heating.

Optional energy storage in steam accumulators or hot water tanks will optimize the flexibility and reliability of the system as well as the operational costs. It also helps you reduce local emissions: the primary pursuit of the transition to sustainable energy.

Your partner in E-boiler project development and realization

Are you considering E-boilers but struggling with the business cases and project development?

Together with our partner Recoy, we can help you develop a robust investment strategy and improve your business cases with energy flexibility and smart operation of the E-boiler. Our support can vary from feasibility study to turnkey retrofit projects, including engineering, procurement, on-site construction and commissioning.

Our added value

  1. In-house knowledge and capabilities on boilers and associated equipment, including high voltage equipment.
  2. Dedicated e-boiler team with respected partners
  3. Patented hybrid solution
  4. Long history in energy retrofit projects
  5. Various options for Long-Term Service Agreements

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