Shutdown & Turnaround at Biomethanol Plant BioMCN


In order to secure the “license to operate” of the production facility of (bio)-methanol, a 2nd generation biofuel, a periodic inspection is required. The necessary large scale stop associated with the inspection is used to execute overhauls of various equipment such as reformer and turbines. BioMCN requested Stork to manage this inspection stop. Stork has extensive knowledge of the plant from their contractor work on site.

Watch the video for a unique look behind the scenes of this multidisciplinary turnaround


Stork was the main contractor for this multidisciplinary inspection stop, which started 18 months before with setting the scope. After that, Stork was involved with planning, work preparation, organization and management of the inspection stop with an integrated team. Timeline for execution of the entire scope was only 4 weeks. The project included a broad range of Stork services:

Next to an extensive Stork labor force, 30 subcontractors were involved in this complicated shutdown. During peak hours 500 specialists were working on-site in a limited acreage, altogether delivering approximately 45.000 man-hours. Main challenge was managing and coordinating the enormous number of various activities. To improve efficiency and safety Stork introduced new digital methods for planning of work permits, based on the actual progress of the work, integrated with Last Minute Risk Assessments. Other initiatives to improve safety awareness of Stork and hired staff was the use of a Safety center for onboarding and educating the staff on the specifics of the installation, daily safety kick-offs and online safety bulletins.


The turnaround was completed successfully and the installation was delivered according to planning with the right quality, on-time, within budget and safe. Recommissioning of the installation was successful. The capacity of the installations has expanded and the installation is in a perfect condition to produce (bio)-methanol for BioMCN customers till the next Shutdown in two years. The shutdown execution was a perfect reflection of the motto used during the project: “Together, safely and first time right.”


BioMCN produces and sells industrial quantities of high quality (bio-) methanol, a new 2nd generation biofuel. Their process converts biogas into bio-methanol and achieves a substantial reduction in CO2 emissions. BioMCN is a production facility of OCI N.V. Bio-methanol offers petrochemical companies an attractive and viable solution in their quest for more sustainable 2nd generation biofuels. And is perfectly suited to produce green alternatives of existing applications for the construction and automotive industry as well.


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