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Our customer is a world leader in gases for industry, health and the environment. Since its creation in 1902 Air Liquide supplies air gases for over 1 mln customers across various industries and healthcare activities in 75 countries.

Stork Gears & Services made record speed gearbox (BHS) internals for the Italian Gas market. BHS planetary gears are used in turbo-systems with e.g. gas turbines, pumps and compressors. The gearbox for our customer - used for the compressor - achieves speeds of up to 37,500 rpm.
We manufactured the planet carrier, the planet gears and sun gear of the gearbox. During the test run a €1-coin was used as an excellent example for vibration-proof of the repair. Of course, with electronic probes the test results approved also that this project has been a succesful repair.

The repaired gearbox is build into a temporary housing with an custom made cover, and a auxiliary gearbox (the red gearbox) on the output shaft as substitute for the compressor. The internal alignment between the repaired gearbox and the auxiliary gearbox was a special job.  

Fast facts

Location    Sicily, Italy
Market segment Gas industry in Italy
Gearbox details BHS planetary gearbox
Rated power: 115 kW
Input rpm: 3000 rpm
Output speed: 37.500 rpm
Scope of work
  • Manufacture of gearbox internals; planet carrier, 3 planet gears amd 1 sun gear
  • Gearbox testrun after repair and re-assembly