Composite repair at Helideck walkway



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A water leak was identified in the accommodation module of an offshore platform in the UKCS. The leak was affecting the integrity of the helideck walkway and required repair. The source of the leak was found to be in the roof above the Smokers’ Lounge.


Stork developed a solution using its PowerSleeve composite repair technology and Bio-Dur 563 resin. Stork’s Composite Repair team proposed to apply PowerSleeve around the circumference of the walls and Bio-Dur 563 to the remaining exposed steelwork on the floor. At the platform’s request, PowerSleeve was applied to both the walls and the floor. A cosmetic paint coating was then applied to the platform’s specification.


The project posed a number of key challenges, as it was Stork’s first walkway repair using Composite Repair technology. The walkway’s location was in an area of high traffic and all blasting operations had to be completed within certain timeframes to minimize noise levels, as there were night shift cabins adjacent to the walkway. Stork mobilized a two man team for a period of seven days to carry out the repair, which was completed on time and on budget. The team undertook additional workscopes, as stipulated by the client, during the curing process. Stork’s composite repair solutions provide cost savings for clients, when compared with the cost for replacement. They also negate the requirement for any hot work.

Project details

Workscope: Delivering a composite repair solution for a helideck walkway damaged by a water leak

Date: 2013

Installation: Stork PowerSleeve

Materials: PowerSleeve and Bio-Dur 563

Safety: Project delivered without an LTI