Inspection and repair of Wartsila SCV68-P46 gearbox








Associated capabilities

A maritime customer contacted Stork Gears & Services after the input shaft bearing of the propulsion gearbox failed, due to an unknown reason.

Stork was invited to attend the vessel in order to perform a visual inspection. After presenting our fast repair proposal we were awarded with the order for the repair. 

The problem of the gearbox was complicated. The casing around the bearing was colored blue, which was caused by overheat. In order to confirm the consequences of this failure the gearbox had to be dismantled. During a MPI test of the casing, a crack in the bearing pocket became visual and also the upper casing was crooked due the a large amount of heat in the input bearing.

After we visualized the problem we had to do the repair of the input shaft bearing of the propulsion gearbox. At first we had to dismantle and clean the gearbox, so that we could do an inspection. We also had to do reverse engineering of the casing and supply a new casted casing. After the supply, we renewed the input shaft en the sliding- and roller bearings for optimal results. We subsequently assembled the gearbox and subjected it to an extensive test run.

Fast facts

Location Workshop Rotterdam
Market segment Maritime
Gearbox specifications Manufacturer: Wartsila
Type: SCV68-P46
Input speed: N1=825 rpm
Power: 2590 kW
Scope of work
  • Dismantling, cleaning and inspection of the gearbox
  • Reverse engineering of the casing
  • Supply a new casted casing
  • Renew input shaft
  • Renew sliding and roller bearings
  • Assembly of gearbox
  • Test run
  • Installation of gearbox onsite
  • Commissioning and sea trials