New pinion shaft for Renk Tacke gearbox



Amsterdam’s Waste and Energy Company AEB (Afval Energie Bedrijf)


The Netherlands



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Our customer - a Waste-to-Energy Plant - generates sustainable energy from waste. The waste is incinerated over grates, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The heat released by the combustion converts the water in the boiler walls and superheaters into steam which drives turbine-generator applications that generate sustainable electricity. Some of the heat is piped directly to local homes and businesses in the district heating network.


Stork Gears & Services was invited for the inspection of the reduction gearbox which is located between the high pressure and low pressure steam turbine. High vibration levels of the gearbox switched off the application. The inspection revealed a broken input pinion tooth. OEM-er executed a temporarily emergency repair of the gearbox. Stork Gears & Services was able to manufacture a completely new pinion shaft within the fastest delivery time in order to be able to operate at full power as soon as possible.


We manufactured a new pinion shaft by reverse engineering.
We managed to complete the project within 2 months. Our customer appreciated our fast delivery time and our reverse engineering skills to replicate the pinion shaft. The result is a brand-new component that meets the specifications of the original pinion shaft. 

Project details

Market segment: Waste and Energy company

Gearboxes: Reduction gearbox of a steam turbine driven generator set
Renk Tacke turbogetriebe type TNA-500; 23470 kW; RPM 6293/3000 

Scope of work: Vibration measurements; new pinion shaft by reverse engineering; alignment check between high pressure turbine and gearbox; inspection of bearings and gear output shaft; check of clearances and dimensional check; check of contact patterns and assembly of the new pinion shaft
1 New pinion shaft for Renk Tacke gearbox