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Stork was tasked with developing a three year asset management strategy for BASF in Heerenveen, Netherlands in a drive to ensure no major non-conformities, while improving operational cost-efficiency for the Client. The strategy covered BASF’s emulsion and resin cutting, SGO and additives production units.


The gap between the AS-IS and desired TO-BE situations (including targets) was mapped through guidance, workshops and offering tools. The tools and methodology used included:

• Determining both asset and asset management goals by translating operational strategic planning and stakeholder requirements

• Asset scan and Asset management scan

• Strategy roadmap

• SWOT analysis

• Risk weighting based on critical corporate values

• Priority setting

The result was a risk-weighted strategic asset management plan based on the critical business values of BASF Heerenveen.


Having clear and practical Asset Management strategies allows BASF to realise quantitative targets on:

• Total technical cost, actual/budget

• Lump sum capex budget, actual/budget

• Asset effectiveness (OAE)

• Asset effectiveness Technical loss

“For our location the implementation of asset management was new ground and we had to find our way into asset management. With the help of Stork we made a roadmap in the form of a strategy to add maximum value as asset management to our organization. Now it is up to us to make it a success!”
Mark Lazonder, Asset manager, BASF Heerenveen

Project details

Project: Roadmap Asset Management

Location:  Heerenveen, Netherlands

Services: Asset Management Consultancy

Date:  2015