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Earth is our most important asset!

When it comes to climate change, this is the decade of truth. Without taking additional measures, temperatures on earth will rise exponentially. The expectation is that global energy use will increase by 20 to 25% in the next 15 years as a result of population growth and economic development.

From Service Provider to Asset Manager

In 2016, Istimewa called on the consultants from Stork Asset Management Technology to help them further professionalize their own asset management. The Stork consultants help to develop another way of thinking and working.

Scrum in the Industry - Let’s Play Ball!

Is the scrum method only suitable for IT projects? Our experience is that industries can achieve better results through this form of collaboration. This has been demonstrated throughout the past decade in a range of industrial projects.

Stork’s Operational Excellence Award

Stork’s high operational standards ensure our employees continually drive to improve the performance of our client’s assets. This means that when our employees go above and beyond, we recognise this hard work and celebrate their achievements