Operations & Maintenance

Operations & Maintenance

Operational excellence through an integrated approach of operations and maintenance

Stork provides a comprehensive industrial maintenance service portfolio across most industry sectors. Our services can be provided on a standalone basis as well as in a totally integrated fashion. Working in partnership with operators and their service providers, we use our extensive knowledge and expertise to plan and execute a wide range of operations and maintenance activities using best practice developed from many years experience in the onshore and offshore sectors.

On-site, Stork performs world-class maintenance, helping to minimize risks and lower overall maintenance costs without compromising on safety by making use of multi-skilled craft personnel. In select industrial dense zones, Stork also has its own workshops to cost efficiently plan and execute maintenance-related work for surrounding clients.

Stork teams are trained and ready to take on daily operations of facilities, including facility management planning and control, delivering safe, reliable and predictable output. From handling feedstock, manufacturing and production processes, to product storage packaging and shipping, we take care of the day-to-day operations.

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Cover Whitepaper: Policy & Strategy

Learn about the process of the development of the asset management policy and strategy
Models and frameworks to help you and your company set up an asset management policy and strategy


Integrated EPC and O&M

Integration of Engineering, Procurement, Fabrication, Construction (EPC/EPFC) with Operations & Maintenance (O&M) is an unique value proposition that Stork can offer together with Fluor. 

This will allow for unprecedented speed to market and totally unburdening the client of the headaches related to traditional project team transitions. 

An integrated approach of operational activities and related maintenance planning is essential to reach operational excellence. By aligning strategies under one O&M management team, business processes are optimized while clients can focus on their core business. 

Integrated EPC and O&M


In the Gulf Coast, asset owners and operators routinely outsource advanced operational maintenance and repairs to technical service providers who specialize in one or more maintenance aspects. Therefore, Stork has developed the O&M Planning & Execution Lab™ process to allow asset owners, operators and technical service providers to jointly set project objectives and KPIs and enable them to better manage a wide range of assets - such as offshore platforms, refineries and gas plants. 



  • Specialty contractor management
  • Reliability engineering support
  • Safety management
  • Mobilization, staffing, training & orientation
  • Inventory management
  • Quality & control
  • Environmental services
  • Management & administration
  • Planning & supervision
  • Engineering & procurement
  • Logistics

How we Add Value

People Focus

Our highly skilled, trained and certified people are deployed in multi-skilled project teams that are competent in a variety of core crew activities to reduce pressures on manning levels.

Single Contact

In-depth analysis of (potential) production losses and implementing innovative solutions to any issues.

Optimized Activity

Experience and expertise to optimize the maintenance execution and operational activities supporting the client’s production process. 

HSE Excellence

Strongly focused on process safety through Stork’s global REACH Beyond Zero HSE program. 

Transparent Approach

A fully transparent approach through partnering closely with clients and providing the confidence to take care of their assets.